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Capri Hair Restoration Procedure Costs

The Emotional Cost Of Hair Loss

In today’s culture, we place a great amount of value on physical appearance. For the millions of people who suffer from hair loss, it can significantly affect the way they see themselves from their daily social interactions to their professional life. Not just physical, hair loss in men and women alike can have a dramatic impact on their emotional welfare and the way they regard their own appearance. Find out how Capri Hair Restoration can restore your hair and your confidence.

Life-Changing Solutions

For individuals suffering from hair loss, modern hair restoration techniques and hair transplant procedures can offer life-changing solutions. At Capri Hair Restoration, we specialize in surgical and non-surgical hair restoration and transplant techniques that result in natural and permanent (in the case of hair transplants) hair growth using the body’s own resources. At Capri Hair Restoration, with offices in Bucks County, PA just minutes from NE Philadelphia, New York City and Woodbridge NJ, we provide state-of-the-art hair transplant procedures at an affordable cost.

An Individualized Approach

When you consult with our hair restoration professionals, we offer the most appropriate restoration procedure based on your needs and budget. Don’t let the cost of hair transplant procedures get in your way. We offer affordable pricing on all our procedures and treatments for your hair loss solutions.

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) surgical hair transplants
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) surgical hair transplants
  • Other non-surgical hair restoration treatments
  • Fat Cell Grafting (FSG) non-surgical hair restoration treatments

At Capri Hair Restoration, the cost of your hair transplant is tailored to your specific needs. Not only do we diagnose your individual hair loss, but we establish goals based on the amount of grafts needed for your transplant. We do this by assessing hair density, head shape, and facial features. Once we determine the best procedure and treatment, we use a per graft and per treatment price to obtain your final cost. By following an exact procedure that is customized to your individual needs, we try to make our services as easy and affordable to our patients as possible.

Only Accept An Experienced Professional

As with any medical procedure, it’s important to get the care of an experienced hair replacement professional. Our resident surgeon, Dr. Mark Boles, has many years of hair restoration and transplantation experience and now heads Capri Hair Restoration as the chief of our surgical group of staff doctors and assistants. Beware of companies that offer services for far less as they often have non-physician technicians perform delicate hair transplant procedures.

The Cost Of Your Hair Transplant

Our current pricing on the cost of a hair transplant procedure performed at our Bensalem office near NE Philadelphia, is $2.99 per FUT graft, $4.50 per FUE graft, and $600.00 per injection treatment (injection treatment is FREE with any HT procedure). Check our homepage for deals as we do run special offers from time to time. 

For patients travelling from NYC, Northern New Jersey and other parts of the country, enjoy a complimentary hotel stay just minutes from the surgery center. 

As our patient, you have financing options available through either CareCredit financing or the Lending Club Patient Solutions. Tis makes our hair restoration procedures more easily accessible to you without an immediate monetary investment. In providing an affordable, professional solution to hair loss issues, we offer value and quality while developing a trusting and respectful relationship with each of our patients.

Call For A Free Consultation

If you are suffering from hair loss and would like to discuss solutions, call the offices at Capri Hair Restoration for a complimentary consultation. We are dedicated to offering the most natural and permanent solutions to hair loss available today for a price you can afford.

We will diagnose your hair loss and discuss whether you are a good candidate for one of our hair restoration procedures. Capri Hair Restoration is committed to offering professional and natural hair transplant procedures at an affordable cost to individuals in Greater Philadelphia, New York City, Northern New Jersey, and nationwide who have experienced self-esteem crushing hair loss. Call (877) 602-2774 now to see how today’s new hair transplant techniques can renew your confidence and self-esteem with natural and permanent solutions.

Call (877) 602-2774 today for your free consultation!

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