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Dr. Mark Boles, MD

Dr. Mark Boles joins Capri with unparalleled experience in the Hair Restoration field.  Since 1992, Dr. Boles has been a pioneer in evolving the hair transplant industry.  His experience spans from the early days of hair plugs in the 90s that were clumpy and obvious, to modern day solutions that even he himself would not be able to discern.

Before becoming an expert in hair restoration, Dr. Boles first worked in Mercy Hospital in Pittsburgh in Pediatrics, and as an ER doctor before starting his own private practice.  As a physician, he prides himself on his dedication to going beyond for the patient.  He understands how important hair is to regaining confidence, and how a small procedure leads to life changing results.

In his own words, “Hair is a big part of what we look like.  Hair defines the face.  It gives the face an artistic look.  After we perform a hair restoration, what we tell patients is, you will never see our best work.  Being around during the early days of big [hair] plugs with big spacing, and straight lines, the modern day solutions are unbelievable.  All patients interested in hair restoration should come in and see how indiscernible modern day solutions can be.”

Dr. Boles is currently accepting new patients.  Please call today or fill out our short intake form to learn about the few best options for you.

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