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Notes from Capri Hair Restoration Director Tim Claxton

My Thoughts on Hair Restoration Today

Hair Restoration

From my years of experience examining and consulting with men and women suffering the many forms of alopecia, it has become evident that the majority of solutions to hair loss are fruitless. I consistently hear patients report that they have tried every cream, spray, shampoo, foam, vitamin, prescription, laser treatment, shake on make-up, and finally resort to wearing a hat. None of these solutions seem to produce cosmetically acceptable hair restoration. We are not alone (I am also a male pattern baldness victim). In fact, millions of men and women have experimented with these well-advertised and promising hair restoration solutions and statistically an overwhelming majority report nothing but frustrations and disappointments. To be fair, I have also heard and seen a few positive outcomes in the area of extending the life of existing hair and stimulation rebirth of existing dormant hair follicles in the scalp crown area.

I do not condemn or condone the use of anything that a patient trusts and has confidence in using. The psychology of positive thinking and possibility is always beneficial and may be productive. I am a student of all of these products and will freely give knowledge so that a patient can make an informed decision in their quest to solve a hair loss problem.

We at CapriHair provide only proven surgical restoration procedures and treatments that we believe are productive and promising in developing the future of our field of medicine. We have witnessed positive outcomes using injections and have embarked on FSG (Fat Cell Grafting) treatments with promising results.

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