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What is Formula 82M?

Formula 82M is a powerful, quick-dry, “rogaine alternative” which is less greasy and leaves no
annoying residue on the scalp or hair. Results can be measured in as little as 90 days and visual
improvement is seen typically at 6mos.

What Are the Ingredients in Formula 82M?


82M contains minoxidil, tretinoin, fluocinolone, powerful antioxidants, natural hair nutrients, a hair
conditioner and a scalp conditioner. This specific formula allows for quick absorption and powerful
penetration of the FDA-approved drug minoxidil, a reduction of the micro-inflammation associated
with hair loss in a non-greasy, hair and scalp-friendly lotion. However, the most important things to
know about Formula 82M is NOT just the list of synergistic ingredients, but the fact that the
compounding and preparation process allows for a powerful, easy-to-use treatment that doesn’t
interfere with your hairstyle or lifestyle. (Note: Dr. Antonov now prescribes Formula 82F which
contains a topical finasteride and Formula 82D which contains topical dutasteride.)

Who Should Use Formula 82M Minoxidil?

Formula 82M Compounded Minoxidil is specifically designed for hair loss patients who experienced
the hassle of annoying scalp and hair side effects from over the counter minoxidil 2% or 5%
solutions, foam, generic-brand (e.g., Kirkland) or name-brand Rogaine, but are still looking for a
powerful topical hair growth treatment they can do at home. Formula 82M has been successfully
prescribed and results measured in literally thousands of patients for over 15 years. Compounded
Formula 82M has been proven to slow, stop and even reverse the gradual miniaturization of hair
follicles associated with male and female pattern hair loss and generalized hair thinning.


These topicals can be used as a stand-alone hair growth treatment or in conjunction with laser
therapy, finasteride/propecia, FUT and FUE hair transplantation (Neograft) and injectable treatments.
(Please ask for more information about Formula 82F and Formula 82D)

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