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I was once of the opinion that non-surgical treatments i.e. Rogaine, Propecia, Dutasteride, Laser, Mesotherapy, other injectable options and vitamin supplements, were statistically ineffective and would not recommend their use. I would allow a patient to decide for themselves whether the possible benefits of these outweighed the expense, side effects, and time consumption. I would promote the hair transplant procedures and stay away from discussion about the possibility of non-surgical solutions. Well, my thinking and opinion has been changed. We now have been treating patients for some time with Platelet Rich Plasma and prescribing Formula 82M regularly with surprising results. We are seeing healthier more abundant results from the transplant procedures when the patient uses either Formula 82M or begins injectable treatments post surgically. I am now a proponent of the use of propecia, dutasteride and other injectable maintenance and in some cases regrowth. I some cases we are seeing miraculous results. Our experimental work with Fat Cell Grafting is proving to be even more promising.