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We have had an increase of providing hair loss solutions to females. I believe the hair transplant has been predominately focused as an answer for men and until more recently women were not made aware that this could be a solution for them. A great percent of the women I examine have thinning of the central scalp area where parting becomes noticeably affected. Also, the hair line becomes uneven and the temple area thins. Fortunately these problems are repairable as long as there is healthy donor hair available. In some cases when I consult a patient experiencing typical female pattern baldness (diffuse thinning of the entire scalp) a non-surgical solution is the only possible answer. We are seeing a good percentage of positive growth from the injection procedures and are expecting to be able to increase the that percentage with the addition of Fat Cell Grafting. Still the best answer for qualified female candidates is an FUT and or FUE surgical restoration.