Non-surgical Treatments

I was once of the opinion that non-surgical treatments i.e. Rogaine, Propecia, Dutasteride, Laser, Mesotherapy, PRP and vitamin supplements, were statistically ineffective and would not recommend their use. I would allow a patient to decide for themselves whether the possible benefits of these outweighed the expense, side effects, and time consumption. I would promote the hair transplant procedures and stay away from discussion about the possibility of non-surgical solutions. Well, my thinking and opinion has been changed. We now have been treating patients for some time with Platelet Rich Plasma and prescribing Formula 82M regularly with surprising results. We are seeing healthier more abundant results from the transplant procedures when the patient uses either Formula 82M or begins PRP treatments post surgically. I am now a proponent of the use of propecia, dutasteride and PRPas maintenance and in some cases regrowth. I some cases we are seeing miraculous results. Our experimental work with Fat Stem cell Grafting is proving to be even more promising.

Aftercare Report

A patient recently reported that his use of the Iamin aftercare kit was a remarkable aid to his recovery and healing time. His comments were of great interest this being his third FUT procedure with Capri. After his first two procedures he used our standard aftercare kit  which include careful washing instruction, application of a saline solution to the grafted area and bacitracin across the incision followed by use of silicone gel to help resolve the scar appearance. This method does reduce the amount of time it takes for the crusting to dissipate and for the incision to heal properly with a good scar result. Now, after his third surgery, the patient reported that the use of the Iamin copper peptide infused moist dressings greatly reduced the incision discomfort along with a rapid dissipation of the crusting at the graft sites. Dr. Antonov and I were very impressed with the advanced healing stage that the incision was in when the sutures were removed and how clean the grafted area was. With our recommendation and prescription, this patient is also applying the Formula 82M solution twice daily which should improve the outcome of this procedure along with a good possibility of waking up some dormant follicles. I am looking forward to following his progress and will update this report as time passes.

Our other patients that have used the Iamin aftercare products have all reported a positive result with a similar experience and it has been especially useful for the patient who needs to present himself to a public shortly after his or her surgery. We also have a number of our Formula 82M using patients that are seeing new growth and better results. These two products have become a standard recommendation by Dr. Antonov, myself and our staff.